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About Me
about mi

I like to hear panpipes...…

I was born in Cologne (Germany) in 1952 and obtaining a diploma in economic engineer sciences, Production engineer, Market research and advertisement, business psychology and work physiology... from Rheinische University.

Practice experiences

Management consultants, marketing, project management, distribution, purchase, sale, Travel engineer, Quality management, Distribution leaders, Personnel trainer, Hotel administrator, Realization of a construction project, Realization of a clinic integral, etc... Completed project "Clinica de Montana" San Ramon. Current project "Clinica de Montana" Limon.

about mi
Some More

Striving to bring together creativity and innovation, I have coined myself a business-oriented-developer. My enthusiasm for create clinics inetegral is complemented by my progressive web-sides and industry best-practices mentality. Seeking inspiration in all that surrounds me drives this creativity and inspires my innovation.

about mi
Investing in the Future
Medical tourism projects
I am looking for investors in order to activate several special clinics in Cocta Rica. These clinics can also be implemented in suitable hotels or private houses (Cooperations). You are interested? "Let us become a business partner?"
1. in different climate zones.
2. in beach proximity, mountains, valleys, jungle.
3. integral
4. Clinics uniquely
5. with highly qualified specialists
6. with exceptional ambience
Management information systems and office automation3 out of 5
10 years experience
Systems and data processing (Heads of department system analysis)3 out of 5
8 years experience
Project Management4 out of 5
8 years experience
Consultancy2 out of 5
11 years experience
Business development2 out of 5
10 years experience
Visual CV

A visual curriculum-vitae is available here.
A visual timeline is available here.


You want to integrate a clinic in your hotel or private house? I can realize it for you and us.

You are interested? "Let us become a business partner?".


I'd like to create several clinics..

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Project: Pain and spinal Therapy Center
It is a German Pain and spinal Therapy Center for a special atlas therapy for all spinal disorders, herniated discs, tinnitus etc..
This clinic will bring the whole therapy unit for use in Costa Rica. This clinic would be pleased if you would be interested in collaborating. The value of the whole therapy unit amounted to € 350.000, -. We might bring in against this revenue sharing or similar.
For more information, please contact:
Peter H. Knobloch - Phone: 00 506 7122 3754
Investing in the Future
Cultivation of a plant
I am looking for investors in order to grow a plant type in Cocta Rica. Interestingly in the area health, sonic absorption, heat insulation, airplane construction, construction generally.
Investment sum: 100.000 USD

Annual profit:
1.000.000 USD per hectare.
Investing in the Future
Help children
I am looking for investors in order to help children in Cocta Rica.
Street children center, children hostels, adolescent and infant care centers.

project help children in costa rica
Investing in the Future
Gold mine
I am looking for investors in order to buy a gold mine in Nicaragua.
Gold mine:
1. In the family property
2. Serve as foreign aid project
3. For a visitation and examination, please send us an e-mail:
Home page: gold mine
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Doctors as alleged cheaters and fraudsters:
Blackist of Doctors and Lawyers

insurance Fraud etc, money embezzlement etc. read more!

Corruptible Lawyers, judges and O.I.J.
Blackist of judges in Costa Rica 1. Machinations in the courts, frauds, threats and... 2. Beautiful laws, incapable justice? 3. The mafia in the courts? read more!
Hotel management as alleged swindler, thieves and defrauders:
Blacklist of Hotels and Travel Guides (Reviews)

Drug trafficking, employee misuse, theft, frauds, lack of hygiene, poor leadership style. read more!

Costa Rica: Experience reports

Please write to us if you had had negative experiences in Costa Rica - with:

1. clinics   2. hospitals   3. doctors   4. hotels   5. tours   6. police   7. lawyers   8. courts   9. other persons


Experience reports
Number of Reports: 1
Clinics, Hospitals, Doctors, Hotels, Tours, Lawyers and other Persons, which you should avoid in Costa Rica.
Kliniken, Hospitale, Aerzte, Touren, Rechtsanwaelte und andere Personen, die Sie in Costa Rica meiden sollten.
Clinicas, Hospitales, Médicos, Hoteles, Tours, Abogados y otros, que se deben evitar en Costa Rica.
1. clinics   2. hospitals   3. doctors   4. hotels   5. tours   6. lawyers   7. other persons

Peter Heinrich Knobloch
Puerto Viejo, Talamanca, Limon
Costa Rica
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+506 7122 3754
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