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    San José, Costa Rica
    Toll Free (506) 2522-1000
    800-HEALTH (800-432584)
    USA: 800-7747729
    Canada: 800-6018806
    Originale Webseite: http://www.clinicabiblica.com

    About Us

      Hospital Clinica Biblica is the largest and most comprehensive private hospital in Costa Rica. Established in 1929, the hospital´s mission and vision focus on the health of each one of its clients, thereby achieving a hospital experience characterized by professionalism, tranquility, and patient well-being.  In keeping your best interests in mind, Hospital Clinica Biblica is constantly growing in the areas of quality improvement of services and infrastructure.Hospital Clinica Biblica has distinguished itself by obtaining the recertification given by Joint Commission International for the second time, and was ranked as the fifth best hospital in Latin America in 2011 by América Economía magazine.

      World Class Service

      Some of the advantages offered  to the clients of Hospital Clinica Biblica include the following:
      • Highly specialized and dedicated care
      • Immediate information regarding our services and benefits
      • English-speaking coordinators and personnel
      • Same-day appointments
      • All specialized services under one same roof
      • Direct access to a specialist when needed, with no need for a referral by a general practitioner
      • International Department with friendly and knowledgeable personnel


      Main Services 

      • Emergency Room
      • Intensive Care Unit
      • Medical and surgical services
      • Laboratory
      • Blood Bank
      • Radiology Department
      • Physical Therapy
      • Cardiology
      • Maternity
      • Dermatology
      • 24-hr pharmacy and home delivery service
      International Hospital Affiliations 

      • Mount Sinai Medical Center, Florida, USA
      • Tulane Medical Center, New Orleans, USA
      • Oschner Clinic, New Orleans, USA
      Our Physicians

      Hospital Clinica Biblica is a non-profit organization built upon the foundational Christian principle of service.  Its trajectory of over more than 82 years has established this institution as the most reliable private alternative for medical services in Costa Rica, providing both national and international patients with access to the latest medical technology and the most prestigious medical professionals in the country.

      Professionals in all branches of medicine in the country use the facilities at Hospital Clinica Biblica daily for the treatment of their patients.  Our team of physicians are distinguished by their many outstanding qualities, among the following:
      • High-level medical knowledge, maintaining a continuous collaborative effort in education, research, and social projection with institutions such as Tulane University Health Sciences
      • Personalized, individual attention for each patient according to his/her medical needs
      • Personalized medical advice, providing comprehensive information regarding your medical condition and its progress during treatment
      Additionally, the support staff at Hospital Clinica Biblica, which includes nurses and assistants, ensure that you receive optimal medical care at all times as they maintain strict controls 24 hours a day and provide individualized care according to your individual needs.As you navigate this website, you will find additional information for each medical specialty regarding the corresponding available medical staff.

      Our Services

      Hospital Clinica Biblica provides medical services to international patients on a daily basis for the diagnosis and/or treatment of medical conditions. Depending on the specific problem, patients may be treated as an outpatient  (where the medical evaluation, tests, and treatment are completed at the Hospital facilities and you return to your place of lodging at the end of the day) or as an inpatient in our facilities if hospitalization is required.Whatever may be your case, on this website you will find information regarding the services provided at Hospital Clinica Biblica during your stay.


      A physician’s referral is not required for receiving care at Hospital Clinica Biblica.  Most patients make their own appointments by calling the following phone numbers:
      • (506) 2522-1000
      • USA: 800-7747729
      • Canada: 800-6018806
      Escort and Translation Services

      If for any reason you require an escort or translation services, Hospital Clinica Biblica will be glad to make the arrangements that will best meet your needs.  When you ask for our services, please make sure that you let us know what your specific needs are in order to coordinate the needed services for your arrival.  All escort and translation services will be charged separately.